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Should the Neighborhood Pharmacy Be Used Over CVS?

The choice between a neighborhood pharmacy and a CVS store is dependent on many factors. There is no standard and uniform answer as people’s decisions may vary after sufficient consideration of all the factors involved. Both options entail their benefits and disadvantages hence it is ultimately a very delicate choice to make. This article will highlight and discuss all the factors employed to make this decision so that you can stand guided.


Neighborhood pharmacies are located just around every corner in your local area. They are quite close to you in stark contrast to CVS stores, which are larger stores, located in diverse areas but not necessarily near you. This proximity of the pharmacy to your home could help lessen the hassles involved especially if you visit them regularly or in case you have many scheduled consultations. The implication herein is that CVS stores may not be conveniently reachable to everyone rendering neighborhood pharmacies preferable in such instances due to the ease with which they can be accessed.

Go to your local neighborhood pharmacy!

Quality of Service

A neighborhood pharmacy might tend and be more inclined to accord you very personalized service. They are small, and they do not serve a very huge populace hence the staff might actually know you by name. More familiarity is available hence these pharmacies are literally neighborhood oriented and the service offered clearly replicates this character. Conversely, CVS stores are larger chains serving very many people hence that type of attention to detail might be a rarity. The service in such stores could be very standardized to be equal and fitting to every customer devoid of any personalization.


It is crucial to compare the pricing of the different products and prescription medications sold in neighborhood pharmacies and in CVS stores. Often, the bigger CVS stores could have better prices attributable to promotions and different types of offers. This means that they could have better deals worth exploring. However, in some cases, neighborhood pharmacies could have very reasonably priced medication and products to the surprise of many. This is therefore a case-to-case basis hence proper comparative analysis ought to be made before opting for either of these entities.


CVS stores are bigger and more stocked with medication, both prescription and over the counter including a wide array of health and cosmetic products. They are financially equipped and capable of stocking all these types of products in comparison to the neighborhood pharmacies which do not have the requisite financial muscle to have such inventory including specific kinds of medication. It is therefore imperative for you to visit the bigger CVS stores in case you want a unique and distinct product as you might stand a better chance of tracing it in that store compared to a neighborhood pharmacy.

Waiting Period

Larger CVS stores are properly staffed and hence capable of handling many customers even when there is excess traffic. During the peak operations periods, this comes in handy as the wait time is significantly reduced compared to neighborhood pharmacies where you could potentially spend a lot of time awaiting your prescription to be filled. This is because of their inability to handle many people and this derailment could impede your need for a swifter service. The aforementioned could make you lean more towards CVS stores compared to the neighborhood pharmacies.

Specialized Care

Neighborhood pharmacies are better positioned to offer some bespoke services, which transcend your usual healthcare requirements such as immunizations and medication therapy management. This is because they uniquely tailor their services to satisfy and meet all the needs of their patients. Even though CVS stores and bigger stores offer these services, you are most likely to receive specialized care such as compounding from neighborhood pharmacies.

Medical Integration

Most neighborhood pharmacies are integrated with other hospitals, clinics and medical practices. This ensures and guarantees that health services are offered seamlessly across the board. It helps with continued care for all the patients mostly due to the effective communication between all the healthcare providers. The integration culminates in properly coordinated services and practice and enhanced overall healthcare management.

The points discussed above clearly depict all the factors, which you should consider in helping you to decide between neighborhood pharmacies and CVS stores. Premised on all the foregoing, deciding between the two can only be done on a case to case basis as both offer different advantages under varying contexts. The ultimate option is therefore predicated on your needs, preferences, individual priorities and the level of client care expected from your pharmacy or store. All these should be combined to help make an informed decision.

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