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Medical Equipment

Our Broad And Extensive Selection of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

At Legacy Drugstore, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive array of the finest quality Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to fulfill various healthcare requirements. We are committed to expanding accessibility for all who need it. By providing these necessary medical supplies, we’ve positioned ourselves as a vital resource for those who are searching for effective, durable solutions.

Here’s a close-up view at some of the most important products in our DME selection:


We feature a comprehensive range of nebulizers and the supporting equipment needed to administer your medication in a breathable mist form. Whether you’re managing complex breathing conditions or require respiratory therapies, our nebulizer equipment will guarantee fast, reliable delivery of medications.


We offer a wide range of crutches, providing stability and support to those who are recovering from injuries or undergoing rehabilitation. From traditional underarm crutches to forearm crutches, our varied selection ensures we can meet your ambulatory needs.


We offer a wide range of walkers of all types including standard, wheeled, bariatric, and knee walkers in order to meet the needs of anyone with a mobility challenge. designed to assist individuals with mobility challenges. Our walkers place a priority on comfort and safety, offering the stability and support needed to help navigate life’s daily activities.


Our expansive collection of wheelchairs comprises a variety of options that will suit different preferences and needs. From manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs and even electric wheelchairs, we strive to provide solutions that emphasize your comfort with the functionality you need.

Why Choose Our DME Products?

Quality Assurance:

All of Legacy’s DME products have undergone rigorous quality checks to guarantee they meet the highest safety and reliability standards.

Expert Guidance: 

If you are unsure about which DME product is best for your needs, our qualified friendly staff members are happy to help you. We will personally guide you through the selection process, helping you make the most informed decisions based on your unique needs.

Accessibility & Convenience: 

We understand how important timely access to medical equipment really is. A long, drawn-out wait time is not conducive to anybody’s needs. We’ve streamlined the selection and acquisition process, making it easier for you to obtain the equipment you need as quickly as possible.

Cash Payment Options: 

Legacy Drugstore currently accepts cash payments only. Since we do not bill insurance, we emphasize affordability. Our transparent pricing makes certain that you have access to necessary and needed medical equipment while avoiding unnecessary financial complications.

We are committed to providing you or your loved one with the best DME products available, so whether you have specific requirements or are simply exploring the myriad of options available, our dedicated and proficient staff will assist you with any questions regarding our comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies. Your health, safety, comfort and well-being are our Number 1 priority.